2021 Claude D. Hudson Award Winner – Professor Yukishige Ito

Congratulations to Professor YUKISHIGE ITO on receiving the 2021 Claude S. Hudson Award!

Dr. Yukishige Ito, Chief Scientist at RIKEN Institute and Specially Appointed Professor at Osaka University, has received the 2021 Claude S. Hudson Award for outstanding contributions to carbohydrate chemistry in education, research, or applications.  Professor Ito received his B.S. at University in Tokyo in 1977. He received

 his Ph.D. at University of Tokyo in 1982 under the direction of Prof. Masaji Ohno.  Dr. Ito then carried out postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology with Prof. Satoru Masamune. In 1984 he joined RIKEN as a Research Scientist, was promoted to Senior Scientist in 1996, and became Chief Scientist in 1998. Prof. Ito’s research focuses on development of stereoselective glycosylation reactions, total synthesis of glycoproteins, and glycoprotein synthesis, folding, and quality control in the secretory pathway. He has published over 340 papers, and has won numerous awards for his work, including the Roy L. Whistler International Award in Carbohydrate Chemistry (2008) and the Takeda Award for International Achievement (2010).

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