2019 Melville L. Wolfrom Award Winner – Dr. Peter Seeberger

Dr. Peter Seeberger Melville L. Wolfram Award

Professor Peter Seeberger, Director of the Max Plank Institute for Colloids and Interfaces, has received the 2019 Melville L. Wolfrom award.

Professor Seeberger studied chemistry in Erlangen Germany, before moving to the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he completed his Ph.D. under the direction of Marvin Caruthers in 1995. He then carried out postdoctoral studies under the direction of Samuel Danishefsky at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Institute. In 1998 he joined the Department of Chemistry at MIT, where he was promoted to Firmenich Associate Professor of Chemistry. In 2003 he moved to ETH Zurich where he spent six years before moving to Max Plank in 2009.

Professor Seeberger’s research interests focus on developing automation platforms for carbohydrate and small molecule synthesis, and on carbohydrate biochemistry. He is author of greater than 490 papers, and is a member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. Professor Seeberger has won several other awards, including the Horace S. Isbell award (2003) and the Claude S. Hudson award (2009).

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