2023 Horace S. Isbell Award Winner – Professor Catherine Grimes

Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes


Professor Catherine Leimkuhler Grimes, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Delaware and Program Director of an NIH funded T32 graduate program at the interface of chemistry and biology (CBI), has received the 2023 Horace S. Isbell Award for Excellence and Promise of continued quality of contribution to research in carbohydrate chemistry. Prof. Grimes her earned her bachelor’s degree in chemistry in 2001 from Villanova University. She received her masters in 2003 from Princeton University and PhD from Harvard University in 2006; her entire graduate work was conducted under the guidance of Professor Dan Kahne. From 2006-2011, Catherine was a HHMI and Cancer Research Institute Postdoctoral fellow in the laboratories of Erin O’Shea (Harvard University, Molecular and Cellular Biology) and Daniel Podolosky (Massachusetts General Hospital).

Catherine started her independent career in 2011 and was promoted to Professor in September 2019. Her research program focuses on the development and chemical synthesis of small molecule carbohydrate probes that mimic intermediates of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and bacterial-host immune recognition. For her work she has been named a Pew Biomedical Scholar, a Cottrell Scholar, and an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow. She is grateful for the ACS for naming her the American Chemical Society’s Infectious Disease Young Investigator Awardee & The 2020 David Gin Awardee for her work in carbohydrate chemistry.

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