Greetings from the Chair

Alexei Demchenko

Greetings Everyone!

Greetings everyone! My name is Alexei Demchenko, and I am excited to continue serving as the Chair of the ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry (ACS CARB) in 2021.

Who are we?

The Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry (CARB) is an eclectic, comprehensive and global technical division of the ACS. We continually strive to be the premier society for carbohydrate chemists and chemists alike with efforts to continually increase membership. Our mission is to foster and promote the advancement of the field of carbohydrate chemistry and chemical glycobiology (or molecular glycoscience) with a heavy emphasis on highlighting the amazing scientists and people who drive it!  We embrace the interdisciplinary nature of carbohydrates and strive to be encompassing and engaging in our efforts. 


What does the CARB Division do?

Why You Should Join the CARB Division.


New CARB activities in 2020.

How to Get Involved

We are a volunteer organization and encourage you to get engaged.

-Attend or submit an abstract to present at CARB sessions at ACS National Meetings.
-Submit a symposium proposal for CARB session at an ACS National Meeting or an ACS Regional Meeting.
-Request financial support for conferences and symposia that you are planning to organize within or outside the ACS.
-Nominate someone for a CARB professional, student and postdoc, or publication award (See Awards & Fellowships on the CARB website).
-Volunteer to run for an elected position on the CARB Executive Committee.
-Help us with our social media presence.
-Ask me or any Executive Committee member to implement your idea(s) to continually shape CARB for the future.

For more information, contact any Executive Committee member.

I look forward to continuing serving you and our carbohydrate community. Please feel free to share this message with anybody who may benefit from the information provided herein or would be interested in joining the CARB Division.


Your annual dues ($12.50 for regular members, $7 for students) help us, as a non-profit organization run by volunteers, to support our mission and run the excellent programs described within.  

***You do not have to be an ACS member to become a member and supporter of the CARB Division! In addition, full ACS members receive hundreds of dollars in discounts on ACS meeting registration.

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