Board of USACICS

Ensuring the interests of the carbohydrate chemists and biochemists.

Board of Directors

The board of the USACICS consists of the Past President of the ICO and a National ICO Representative along with appointed representatives from CARB and CELL, present to represent their respective Division’s interests.  Full details of membership can be found in the original Articles of Incorporation.  Any member of this committee that has served as an ICO President has a lifetime appointment to the USACICS.

The USACICS Board of Directors is made up of no more than 10 members serving times from 1 to 10 years dependent on the position held on the board.  Members of this board must be residents of the United States of America:

National Representative of the USA to the ICO
Term of Office: 10 years
The term of office is intended to cover five ICS symposia and was intended to include one USA meeting.  Selection of this representative is by a majority vote of the board, ratified by the Executive Committees of both CARB and CELL.

Past Presidents of the ICO residing in the USA
Term of Office: Lifetime

3 CARB Representatives and 3 CELL Representatives
Term of Office: 7 years covering 3 ICS symposia
These representatives are chosen according to their respective division bylaws.

CARB Division Chair and CELL Division Chair
Term of Office: Same as the period of office for the respective Division Chair

Organization of the Board of Directors

Board members take up the following positions: 

The National Representative to the ICO takes up the position as President of the Board. The President calls meetings, conducts ballots, and communicates to board members, the International Carbohydrate Organization (ICO) and the two participating ACS divisions (CARB and CELL) on the actions of the ICS.  

The following positions are chosen by majority vote of the board.

The secretary retains minutes of the meetings and assists in the organization of ballots according to the bylaws.  Changes to the bylaws are by majority vote of the board and ratified by the Executive Committees of CARB and CELL divisions.

A Treasurer will be appointed Treasurer to oversee finances. The financial year runs 1 July to 30 June.

The President’s term of office matches that of the National Representative to the ICO.  The terms of office for the other positions within the board are currently flexible and for agreement within the board.  Any member that cannot fulfill their term of office must submit a letter of resignation to the President.

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