International Carbohydrate Symposium

Encouraging research, communication,
and education in glycoscience.

The International Carbohydrate Symposium is a biennial event that is held in locations around the world.  The location of the symposium is chosen by the International Advisory Committee 10 years ahead of the event.  

Years in which the ICS is not held there is a similar event held in Europe, Eurocarb, that is modeled on the ICS but organized by the European Carbohydrate Organization.

Typically, the ICS is held in the US once every 14 – 18 years.  The USACICS is the main committee to oversee all administrative and financial organization of the symposium.  The committee will nominate a Symposium Chair to oversee the entire program, a Scientific Chair to oversee the technical program, a Local Committee Chair to assist with the local organization.  The American Chemical Society facilities assist with event management and program administration. 

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2025 FALL ACS National Meeting

ACS Fall 2025 August 17 – 21 Washington, DC
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