ACS Fellow Award

Recognizing Excellence

The ACS Fellows Program was created by the ACS Board of Directors in December 2008 to recognize members of ACS for outstanding achievements in and contributions to Science, the Profession, and the Society. ACS Fellows are recognized and honored at the Fall ACS National Meetings.

Each Fellow receives a lapel pin and a certificate.


Nominees must be current members in good standing with ACS. The selection of ACS Fellows is based on demonstrated contributions in two defined areas:

  • Excellence in Science/Profession
  • Outstanding Service to the American Chemical Society


  • Nominations can come from an ACS National Committee, Local Section, Technical Division or an individual member. 
  • Each ACS National Committee may submit one nomination. 
  • Each Local Section may nominate up to the number of Councilors from the Local Section. 
  • Each Division may nominate up to two times the number of Councilors from the Division. 
  • Each individual ACS member may nominate only one candidate. Self-nominations will not be accepted. 

Each nomination must be submitted by a Primary Nominator and two (2) Secondary Nominators who must all be ACS members in good standing with the ACS and must each write a letter of recommendation in support of the nomination.

The Selection Process

  • Identify the candidate(s).
  • Determine who will be the Primary Nominator. The Primary Nominator will be responsible for submitting the nomination(s) on line. The Primary Nominator will also need to write a letter of recommendation in support of the nominee.
  • The Awards Chair selects 3 to 5 judges who make up the Division Fellow Award Committee.
  • Identify the Secondary Nominators (2) and ask them to prepare letters of recommendations for upload into the nomination system.
  • Gather contact information for the Primary and Secondary Nominators and membership numbers as these will be required as part of the nomination packet.
  • Submit the nomination to the ACS Fellows Program.

ACS CARB Fellows

Year Awardee
2022 Nicole L. Snyder
Muthiah "Mano" Manoharan
Spencer Knapp
2020 Lai-Xi-Wang
2016 Carolyn Bertozzi
2015 Christine Chow
2014 Kevin Hicks
Hung-wen Liu
Keith J. Stine
2013 Gillian Eggleston
Xuefei Huang
2012 David C. Baker
Anthony S. Serianni
2011 Sandra J. Bonetti
Catherine E. Costello
Derek Horton
Robert S. Langer
Todd Lambert Lowary
John R. Vercellotti
Sharon V. Vercellotti
Zbigniew J. Witczak
2010 Alfred French
Laura Kiessling
2009 Charles Buchanan
Jacqueline Gervay-Hague
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