The Melville L. Wolfrom Award

Awards and Fellowships

Presented annually at the Spring ACS National Meeting

The Melville L. Wolfrom Award acknowledges outstanding service to the Division and to the field of carbohydrate chemistry.


The nominee must have made outstanding contributions to carbohydrate chemistry. The award will be granted without regard to age or nationality. 

Nomination Form

The nomination form can be found on the Awards page.

Other information required:

1. Curriculum Vitae of nominee indicating:

    • Degrees received
    • Positions held since graduation
    • Previous awards for professional work following education
    • List of publications and patents

2. Evidence of nominee’s outstanding service to the Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry

3.. Two supporting letters; one from primary and another from the seconder. A third letter from another supporter (does not need to be an ACS Division of Carbohydrate Chemistry member) may also be provided.

Past Winners

Awardee Year Awardee Year
A. G. Holstein 1985 R.S. Tipson 1986
M. W. Rutenberg 1987 D. Horton    1988
H. S. El-Khadem 1989 J. N. BeMiller 1990
M. S. Feather 1991 W. A. Szarek 1992
S. Hanessian 1993 J. R. Vercelotti 1994
C. H. Wong 1995 M. A. Clarke 1996
P. A. Seib 1997 J. F. Robyt 1998
W. M. Doane 1999 Z. J. Witczak 2000
D. C. Baker 2001 E. J. Hehre 2002
R. Roy 2003 P. D. Cook 2004
C. F. Brewer 2005 A. S. Serianni 2006
M. Manoharan 2007 D. Crich 2008
W. Priebe 2009 R. J. Linhardt 2010
K. L. Matta 2011 G. Eggleston 2012
T. L. Lowary 2013 L. X. Wang 2014
A. Hotchkiss 2015 J. C. Paulson 2016
X. Huang 2017 N. Pohl 2018
P. Seeberger 2019 Pamela A. Marino 2020
Eriks Rozners 2021 Zhongwu Guo 2022
Peter Andreana 2023 Alexei Demchenko 2024
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