Dr. Bertozzi Is Awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Dr Bertozzi was awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize in Chemistry together with Drs. Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal for the concept of “Click Chemistry.” Professor Bertozzi is recognized for founding the field of “bioorthogonal chemistry,” a set of chemical reactions that allow researchers to study molecules and their interactions in living organisms without interfering with biological processes.

According to the Nobel Prize announcement, “The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2022 is about making difficult processes easier. Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal have laid the foundation for a functional form of chemistry – click chemistry – in which molecular building blocks snap together quickly and efficiently. Carolyn Bertozzi has taken click chemistry to a new dimension and started utilizing it in living organisms.”

Professor Bertozzi is the Baker Family Director of Stanford ChEM- H, Anne T. and Robert M. Bass Professor in the School of Humanities and Sciences and Professor,   by   courtesy,   of

Chemical and Systems Biology and of Radiology, at Stanford. She is also an HHMI investigator.

Professor Bertozzi is only the eighth woman to be awarded the prize. From 1996 to 2015, before joining Stanford, she was a UC Berkeley professor and a faculty scientist at the Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She also served as the director of the Molecular Foundry, a DOE Office of Science nanoscience user facility located at Berkeley Lab, from 2006 to 2010.

Professor Bertozzi is also widely recognized as an educator and a mentor. Over the years, she has trained a large and diverse group of scientists. Many of her former students and postdoctoral trainees hold prominent positions in academia and industry,

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