ECG Webinar Series

The ACS CARB External Programming Committee has been working with the European Glycoscience Community (ECG) Webinar Series to recommend periodic ACS CARB speakers in this free and open to the public seminar series.

Special thanks go to External Programming Committee members: Pumtiwitt McCarthy, Matt Macauley, Myles Poulin, Hien Nguyen, Charlie Fehl, Tania Lupoli, and Christina Woo. 

European Glycoscience Community Webinar Series

A series of free-to-attend Webinars to highlight the innovative and groundbreaking glycoscience research in Europe and Globally. This is part of the EGCs long-term vision in establishing a European-wide glycoscience research network with strong links with leading scientists from around the world. The Webinar series is open to all international scientists and will provide a platform for young and established researchers to network, share ideas, and build long-term partnerships to drive glycoscience innovation in the four CarboMet Bioindustry sectors.

To view the full schedule visit The EGC Webinar Website

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