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2022 American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting

When: August 21, 2022 – August 25, 2022 all-day
Where: Chicago, IL and Online

Sustainability in a Changing World CARB DIVISION SYMPOSIA: Advancing Women’s Health in Glycoscience. This symposium will highlight areas of women’s health, in which approaches based on carbohydrate chemistry, chemical glycobiology, and glycosciences, broadly defined, are uniquely positioned to produce significant impact in understanding of gender-specific differences in glycome composition to minimize existing disparities in the …

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International Carbohydrate Symposium 2022

When: July 10, 2022 – July 14, 2022 all-day
Where: Florianopolis, Brazil

The next International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS 2022) will be held virtually in Brazil: July 10-15, 2022. Information is now available at The subsequent meetings are planned as follows, and further details will become available on the International Carbohydrate Organization (ICO) website: 2024 China         2026 Slovakia    2028 Canada      2030 Italy 2032 Taiwan       2034 Ireland       …

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When: June 16, 2022 all-day
Where: Thad Cochran Research Center

Thad Cochran Research Center The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi The annual Mid-South Glycoscience meeting at the University of Mississippi scheduled for June 16, 2022, in Oxford, Mississippi, which will be held with both in-person and virtual   attendance options. The meeting is sponsored by the Glycoscience Center of Research Excellence (GlyCORE), the only dedicated …


2021 Pacifichem -Virtual

When: December 16, 2021 – December 19, 2021 all-day
Where: Honolulu, Hawaii

Pacificchem 2021 is now a Virtual Event. Pacifichem 2021: A Creative Vision for the Future Pacifichem 2021 will be the eighth in the series of successful cosponsored scientific conferences of Pacific Basin Chemical Societies. Founded in 1984, these conferences have been held in Honolulu, Hawaii about every five years. Pacifichem 2021 Registration   Topic Area: …

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The Glycobiology of Cancer

When: September 16, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – September 17, 2021 @ 5:00 pm
Where: Virtual

Glycans (glycoproteins, glycolipids, glycosaminoglycans) are expressed on the cell surface and play key roles in mediating: cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions; protein-receptor signaling; and appropriate protein folding and maturation during translation.  Malignant transformation and tumor progression correlate with aberrant changes in cellular glycosylation.  Cells presenting with an altered glycocalyx are recognized by immune cells, leading to induction …

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Glyconet-ACS Webinar Series

When: April 21, 2021 – June 30, 2021 all-day
Where: Online Webinar Series

GlycoNet offers webinars on diverse topics ranging from scientific research to professional development, technical workshops, and focused seminars for the science community. In September 2020, GlycoNet has joined forces with the ACS CARB to host webinars featuring renowned researchers across North America and Europe. In addition to Q&A period, each event is followed by an informal …

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Frontiers in Carbohydrate Synthesis Symposium

When: January 28, 2021 @ 1:00 pm – January 29, 2021 @ 5:30 pm
Where: Virtual

Frontiers in Carbohydrate Synthesis Symposium 1-5:30 p.m. EST 01/28/2021 – 01/29/2021 Exploring synthetic methodologies for preparation of glycans and glycoconjugates (Milligram to Kilogram quantities) & democratization and automation of glycan synthesis. This symposium, organized by the Common Fund Glycoscience Program, will explore progress made on the synthesis of glycans over the past decade including: synthetic methodologies for …

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