2021 Pacifichem -Virtual

December 16, 2021 – December 19, 2021 all-day
2021 Pacifichem -Virtual

Pacificchem 2021 is now a Virtual Event.

Pacifichem 2021: A Creative Vision for the Future

Pacifichem 2021 will be the eighth in the series of successful cosponsored scientific conferences of Pacific Basin Chemical Societies. Founded in 1984, these conferences have been held in Honolulu, Hawaii about every five years.

Pacifichem 2021 Registration


Topic Area: Chemical, Biological and Biomedical Eng. Dec 17-20, 2021
Title: Advances in Glycan Engineering and Glycans from the Microbial World (#385) Organizers: Steven Sucheck, Xuewei Liu, Katsunori Tanaka, Linda Hsieh-Wilson, Suvarn Kulkarni, and Xuefei Huang

Topic Area: Chemical, Biological and Biomedical Eng. Dec 16, 17,18
Title: Recent advances in carbohydrate chemistry and chemical glycobiology Organizers: A. Demchenko, Y. Kajihara, J. Kohler, M. Macauley, L. K. Mahal, B. Yu

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