Young Investigator Symposium

A collaboration and discussion of the latest research.

The 2021 Symposium

This year’s symposium was held via zoom on Jan 12, 2021
Session #1 was chaired by Pumtiwitt McCarthy
Session #2 was chaired by Matthew Macauley

Presenters List

Session 1

Chian-Hui Lai, National Chung Hsing University
Preparation of Glyco-Nano scaffold for MDA-MB-23 cell sensing and targeting

Ben Schumann, The Francis Crick Institute and Imperial College London
Chemical precision tools to investigate the glycoproteome

Michael Boyce, Duke University
Mammalian cell signaling through protein glycosylation

Fabian Pfrengle, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences
Synthetic Plant Glycan Arrays: New Tools for Cell Wall Biology

Myles Poulin, University of Maryland
Probing substrate recognition by a biofilm dispersing glycosidase enzyme

Mia Huang, Scripps Research Institute Florida
Profiling glycosylation-dependent changes in protein ligandability

Karina Marino, Instituto de Biología y Medicina
Experimental Unravelling the pathogenesis of intestinal inflammation in the light of glycosciences – a chemist´s perspective

Samy Cecioni, Université de Montréal
Substrate probes for quantitative imaging of glycoside hydrolase activity in live cells

Christina Woo, Harvard University
Target protein deglycosylation with a nanobody-fused O-GlcNAcase

Session 2

Breeanna Urbanowicz, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center
Polysaccharide acetyltransferases, GTs, or hemicellulose based bioplastic development

Charlie Fehl, Wayne State University
Real-time chemical tools to assess dynamic O-GlcNAc glycoprotein functions

Ethan Goddard-Borger, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute
New tools and techniques for interrogating the C-glycome

Alison Wendlant, MIT
Selective catalytic tools for editing carbohydrates

Maki Yuta, Osaka University
Semisynthesis of a complex-type oligosaccharide to understand the function of triantennary structure of glycoproteins

Zhongwu Guo, Editor-In-Chief, J. Carbohydr. Chem.
Presentation of the 2019 T. Ogawa Young Investigator Award and the 2019 Best Paper Award

Hiromune Ando, Gifu University
Award Address: Stereoselective synthesis of sialo-glycans for accelerating glycobiology

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